to Combat Climate Change

Compost Pickup Service

Facts about Compost and Carbon Sequestration  
  • Harvesting crops removes carbon from the soil that would otherwise return to the soil when the plant dies and decomposes

  • Compost returns organic matter to the soil

  • The nitrogen in compost can increase soil productivity, which can lead to increased crop residues and an increased return of carbon to the soil

  • Composting increases the formation of stable carbon that remains bound in the soil for long periods of time

  • Applying organic matter to soils is one of the most effective ways to divert CO2 from the atmosphere and convert it into organic carbon in soils


























Nature Now International (NNI) - West Valley Collection and Recycling (WVCR) Partnership  

             Formed in 2018 to promote residential and school waste management and composting  (compliant with California State Law)




Dear School Administrators,

We are  Silicon Valley Youth  and we are reaching out to you to join an easy, efficient, and inexpensive compost program. All of the logistics will be handled by your professional hauler, and your students will be empowered to support it virtually, during the pandemic, and hands-on when schools reopen. Let’s combat climate change! 

All of us recently awakened to an orange, hazy sky - the result of the most destructive and deadliest wildfires California has ever seen. 8,400 wildfires have burned a record-breaking 3.7 million acres across the west coast of the US. The fires have led to fatalities, climate refugees and health problems as West coast cities face the worst air quality in the world.

Scientists have warned that increased wind, dryness and temperatures brought about by climate change are leading to more intense and widespread wildfires. We must do our part to combat climate change, and we can make a powerful impact by starting with reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the landfills. 

The youth of NGO, Nature Now International (NNI), formed by students in the Silicon Valley, created a partnership with West Valley Collection and Recycling (WVCR) in 2018 to mobilize young people to promote school campus waste management and diversion of wastes to recycling and compost sites. The WVCR program supports California State Law AB 32 (California Global Warming Solutions Act), which requires the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and California law AB 1826 (California Integrated Waste Management Act), which mandates that institutions (including schools) decrease their landfill wastes in 2019. (

This hands-on process will raise awareness about health, nutrition, food wastes, and consumption of single-use plastics at a time when our world resources are running out, and plastics are destroying valuable habitats and ecosystems. Students, together with the cafeteria staff, the maintenance team and interested faculty, will help properly sort the waste in the cafeteria and on campus, so that WVCR can divert our wastes to recycling and compost sites.  Tim Elias, the outreach coordinator at WVCR, is available from beginning to end to help you launch and carry out this program, providing training and follow up at your schools. 

The Highlights of the WVCR Waste Management and Compost Program

  • Safe and Organized

  • Free training and support for schools by designated Outreach Coordinator, Tim Elias, from WVCR 

  • Free pick-up and transport to compost site by WVCR 

  • Little time and effort is required by the staff

  • Free Green Dumpster provided by WVCR to contain compostable materials 

    •  Closed systems to avoid pests

  • Water-proof rubber garbage cans (32 and 64 gallon) with lids and wheels are easy to maneuver 

  • Labels will be provided for each garbage can identifying recycling, compost, or garbage 

  • Colorful instructional posters provided to explain proper waste sorting 

  • Meets State Law Requirements to Reduce Landfill Wastes 

  • Students can LEAD the effort! 

Youth Empowerment: NNI Virtual Youth Network  

 So….to get this started while we are online during this pandemic, NNI will assist you in creating the necessary infrastructure at school, with student leaders through the NNI Virtual Compost Network which  will  provide an organized and motivating platform for education, community impact and advocacy to combat climate change. 

This NNI Youth Network is open to student leaders in the Silicon Valley representing environmental and nature clubs and/or individual students interested in our environment.  Hopefully, this Network will eventually expand to include other youth in California.  We will start our monthly zoom meetings -- three separate sessions for same aged peers in the elementary, middle and high schools --  starting in December 2020 to help us bring on a Healthier New Year of 2021! 

This network is a great way for students to interact and engage with like minded students in the Bay Area, interested in the protection of our environmental and public health. We invite enthusiastic parents and guardians to participate in empowering these elementary and middle school students on their zoom meetings. This is a multi-generational effort! 

Joining the Network will provide opportunities for: 

  • Education through webinars on climate change, plastic pollution, the importance of biodiversity, the value of composting/waste managements, nutrition and health and how we can create green human behavior

  • Resource Center with valuable information available from experts on a DropBox 

  • College Mentorship by Cornell University’s Cornell Compost Group

  • Students exchange to discuss strategies and ideas with the goal of improving recycling and  composting  programs at school and home and promoting other Green student projects.  

  • Raising Community Awareness by:

    • Creation of educational video for WVCR for school waste management 

    • Compiling together individual videos submitted by residential composters to support home and  community action 

    • Creation of Video calling for climate stories by Youth in USA and around the World 

  • Increasing School Green Spirit through launch of school district wide competition of painting of garbage cans and bins with environmental themes by  creative students 

  • Prevent Plastic Pollution though the Initiation of a unified Bay Area project 

  • Support our local California Climate Refugees with a variety of resources 

This is a chance for individuals and student groups to be supported and acknowledged for all their efforts to protect our environment.  We want both STEM and artistic enthusiastic students to assume leadership roles for the projects. We have already created a video which will soon circulate in the USA and globally to collect additional stories from a diverse group of youth on how climate change has impacted their communities.  We would love for your students to join this project! 


Shout out to  Sacred Heart Elementary, St. Andrews Episcopal Church/School, Los Gatos High School, Saratoga High School,  Hillbrook School, Louise Van Meter Elementary School, Blossom Hill Elementary, Draves Avenue Elementary -- schools which are well on their way of implementing the program or starting to organize one  at their school with WVCR 


Special thanks to the dedicated parents, such as Ms. Pam Bond at Louise Van Meter Elementary School,  who have independently launched their school programs with their students.  None of this would be possible without the dedication of Mr. Tim Elias from WVCR who strongly believes in the power of youth in protecting our planet. We can’t wait for your school to join in now! If you want support, please contact Tim Elias, WVCR (408 283-9250) and respond to this email. 

Thank you, 

Julian Berkowitz-Sklar

Co-founder, NNI