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Nature Now Partners

The students of Nature Now International thank our multi-disciplinary international team of collaborators, partners and advisors who have donated their time, creativity, and resources towards our projects. Most importantly, their leadership and passion have helped to inspire our generation to take action on a grassroots level to help conserve our biodiversity and environment.

Every contribution fueled our passion and commitment to creating NNI — from discounts for our banners and business cards to loaning us museum exhibits and an observation hive of 9,000 stinging bees for research and outreach! Thank you to the wildlife reserves who allowed us to work hard in the field and prove that young people can contribute to conservation.

We are especially grateful to all the professors, veterinarians, and wildlife experts who helped us to prepare for our projects by teaching us the ecology, biology, and social science underlying each initiative. Over the years, they have opened up their doors to their laboratories and university offices, and they spoke to us over Skype from different continents. They worked with us to initiate a professional development workshop in Costa Rica for wildlife rehabilitation.

We will be forever grateful for all the great discussion and wisdom they have imparted to us as we have tried to grasp the complexities of conservation work and sustainable development. We have learned the importance of scientific research in the development of evidence-based interventions and policies for the protection of the environment, a concept to which we will remain loyal, especially in our shifting political climate.

Partners and Collaborators 


Citizen Science:  Rainforest Biodiversity 


Eric R. Olsen, PhD Northland College


Guido Saborio, MS - Biologist and independent researcher, Costa Rica 


Additional Research Mentors


Anjan Ray, PhD – Director -CSIR, Indian Institute of Petroleum,  Energy and Environment, specific interest in biofuels and climate change mitigation


Johan  Van Veen, PhD   Director of Center of Investigations of Tropical Bees - National University of Costa Rica 

Jorge Cortes Nunez, Phd  - Center of Marine Sciences and Limnology - University of Costa Rica 


Fieldwork: Biological Monitoring, Costa Rica  


Guido Saborio, MS, MInistry of Environment -  National System of Conserved Areas SINAC-MINAE, Costa Rica

Firestone Center for Restoration Ecology, Dominical, Costa Rica

Osa Conservation Biological Station, Piro, Costa Rica 


Rio Oro Base Camp - COPROTE, Rio Oro, Costa Rica


La Cotinga Biological Station, La Palma, Costa Rica 


Latin American Sea Turtles, Playa Blanca, Costa Rica   


Reserva Playa Tortuga, Uvita, CR 


Corcovado Foundation, Drake Bay Costa Rica 

Wildlife Rescue & Sanctuary 


Alturas Rescue Center, Dominical, Costa Rica


Lapas Rio Lodge, Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica


Kids Saving The Rainforest, Costa Rica


Community Education and Outreach 


Miami Seaquarium, Florida 

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, Florida

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, New York

Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Jekyll Island, Georgia 


Kids Saving The Rainforest, Costa Rica


Seal Centre Pieterburen, The Netherlands


Toucan Rescue Ranch, Costa Rica 

Reserva Playa Tortuga, Ojochal, Costa Rica


Center of Investigations of Tropical Bees - National University of Costa Rica 

Mote Marine Lab, Summerland Key, Florida 


San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California 


West Valley Collection and Recycling, California 


Christopher Elementary School, San Jose, California


Saratoga High School, Saratoga California


Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge Los Gatos, California 


O’Brien Family, Los Gatos, California: Bee Keepers 


Earlier Mentors

Thank You to our earlier Mentors and Partners from around the world who dedicated time to helping us to advance our mission to learn about and create youth opportunities in  environmental science, veterinary medicine and community-based conservation .


Rodolfo Dirzso, PhD,   Professor Stanford University Wood’s Institute: INOGO 

Advisor in outreach in San Jose, California Hispanic community to engage middle school girls in STEM field trips and initiatives.  Advisor in NNI sponsorship of INOGO youth in NNI field programs. 


Terry Norton, Director, Veterinarian, Georgia Sea Turtle Center Conducted workshop for wildlife medicine in Costa Rica and continues to support NNI outreach with distance learning GSTC program. 


Noha Abou Madi, Section Chief of Zoological Medicine, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine  Advisor in project to initiate and implement five day workshop for professional development in Costa Rica on health and rehabilitation of wildlife 

Gerado Chaves, University of Costa Rica Advisor in Project on the Arribada (massive arrival) of Sea turtles in Ostional, Costa Rica where harvesting of sea turtles eggs are legal as part of a community-based-conservation effort. 

Melissa Jimenez Kardeney, MS, Biologist, Reserva Playa Tortuga  Partner in virtual outreach on education of sea turtle biology  and life cycle 


In Memory of Professor Leon Blaustein 

Leon Blaustein, PhD, University of Haifa

Full Professor in the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology, University of Haifa. Head of the Community Ecology Laboratory, a Fellow of the Institute of Evolution, the Director of the Kadas Green Roofs Ecology Research Center and the Editor-in-Chief of the Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution


Thank you to one of our earliest Mentors, who was willing to Skype with us while we were young and living in Costa Rica (before the world went virtual) with whom we asked 

“Why is biodiversity Important?” We never met Professor Blaustein in person but will always remember his dedication to us and youth environmentalism. 

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