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Creating a generation of ambassadors to promote the coexistence of nature and responsible development 

Poster presentations and booths at national ecology conferences, schools, churches, community events, and workshops allow Nature Now students to present their fieldwork with the hope of raising awareness about the natural and human threats to extinction of different species, habitats and ecosystems. 

High School 


Nature Now students were recently invited to present their work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Teen Summit

Middle School 

Presentation on the Importance of Student Conservation Work 

Elementary School 

Presentation on the Bees and Sustainability Project

Costa Rica - Environmental
Rights and Responsibilities Workshop


Nature Now International was chosen by Reserva Playa Tortuga, wildlife reserve on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, to assist in elementary student workshop.  Students learned about the scientific method with cocoons and butterflies with Biologist Melissa Jimenez from Reserva Playa Tortuga. 

Khiara Berkowitz outreach

Students learn about the scientific method 

Biologist Melissa Jimenez with NNI at elementary school in Costa Rica 

Take a look at our Educational Presentations

Sea Turtle Conservation

Experimento Abejas (Español)

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