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About Nature Now International  

Nature Now is a non-profit organization for youth by youth. We create opportunities to engage other young people in creating just and effective solutions to achieve the coexistence between people, wildlife, and the planet. 

NNI offers youth in Costa Rica, California, and all over the world opportunities to contribute to community outreach initiatives and scientific efforts. Young conservationists learn the value of generating data to promote the development of evidence-based interventions and policy for the conservation of both marine and terrestrial life. 

​Just as developing a more sustainable world requires a collaborative, holistic, and multidisciplinary effort, NNI projects include youth from many different cultures and backgrounds with diverse interests, skill sets, and passions. With the generous guidance of local and international mentors and partners, NNI creates experiential learning opportunities for youth in elementary, middle, and high schools.  


The hope of NNI today is to sensitize and motivate youth to continue to promote sustainable development in whatever lifestyle, community, or career path. t is up to the youth today to protect the planet for tomorrow.


Co-founders of NNI: Danielle, Daviana, Khiara, Julian and David 

Danielle, Daviana, Khiara, Julian, David Berkowitz-Sklar, Co-founders of Nature Now International

​"At Nature Now, we're reimagining what a sustainable and equitable planet looks like. Our mission revolves around fostering collaboration, nurturing creativity, and cultivating community. These pillars reflect the values we envision

for the world we aspire to inhabit."

- Daviana Berkowitz, President and Co-Founder

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