About Nature Now International  
Danielle, Daviana, Khiara, Julian, David Berkowitz-Sklar, Co-founders of Nature Now International

Co-founders of NNI: Danielle, Daviana, Khiara, Julian and David 

After a decade of living in Costa Rica, siblings Daviana, Danielle, Khiara, David and Julian, experienced firsthand the interdependence of rainforests, oceans, beaches and climate — and the ways human development can be out of harmony with nature.

​In their early work with naturalists, collecting biometric data on sea turtles and relocating nests to protect them from poachers, they came to understand how critical the economic and cultural well-being of human communities is to the survival – or demise -- of nearby ecosystems. That growing understanding has informed the work of Nature Now International (NNI), which was started in Costa Rica and has since developed into a grassroots youth initiative after the founders relocated to the Bay Area of California, where they incorporated a non-profit organization.

Committed to raising awareness in their own and future generations about the interaction between economic development and natural habitats, NNI offers youth in Costa Rica and California opportunities to work hands-on with wildlife, to contribute to community outreach initiatives, and to interact with coastal and rainforest communities struggling to protect their natural resources.  Local youth in Costa Rica work side by side in the field with peers from California in conservation work initiated, designed and managed by NNI leadership. Teen conservationists learn the value of generating data to promote the development of evidence-based intervention and policy for the conservation of both marine and terrestrial life.

​Just as the development of a more sustainable world requires a collaborative, holistic, and multidisciplinary effort, NNI projects include youth from many different cultures and backgrounds with diverse interests, skill sets and passions. With the generous guidance of local and international mentors and partners, NNI creates experiential learning opportunities for youth in elementary, middle and high schools.  

The hope of NNI today is to sensitize and motivate youth to continue to promote sustainable development, in whatever lifestyle, community, or career path. We believe that young adults and adolescents must urgently address the ecological future of this planet. It is up to the youth today to protect the planet for tomorrow.

Message from the Co-Founders

"Nature Now International believes that young adults and adolescents must urgently address the ecological future of our planet, since we are the ones that will have the power to affect its health at this most critical stage. We aim to do this through evidence-based research, hands on fieldwork, outreach and advocacy - one vulnerable species at a time."


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