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Professional Development

Sea Turtle Network 

NNI is committed to supporting the efforts of the Ministry of the Environment of Costa Rica in strengthening the sea turtle monitoring programs in the Osa region of Costa Rica 

2016-2017:   Training of field assistants and local and international volunteers on two nesting beaches in Osa Peninsula 

Thank you note for Nature Now International 

Training of Wildlife Experts 

NNI knocks on the door of a Wildlife Reserve in Costa Rica,  initiates an international collaboration to bring a five-day workshop of world renowned veterinarians, pathologists, and biologist on the Health and Rehabilitation of Sea Turtles and Wildlife to train 60 local wildlife experts.  Thanks to Dr. Noha Abou-Madi ( Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine) and Dr. Terry Norton (Director,  Georgia Sea Turtle Center) and other visiting experts,   60 local Costa Ricans wildlife experts from the civil, private and government sectors were trained in annual workshop for 2 years on Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.  

Dr. Terry Norton from Georgia Sea Turtle Center performing a necropsy on a sea turtle 

Teacher Workshop 

NNI "attends" Teacher Training Workshop in Costa Rica via telecommunications on Skype and presents the Importance of Student Conservation Work and Role of Distance Learning. 

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